Dr. Mervat Saed Hassan


Prof.Dr. Mervat S.Hassan

Head of Minerals Characterization laboratory 




Thescientificworkinthelaboratory aimstocharacterizetheoccurrences, petrography, mineralogyandchemistry ofmineralsandoredeposit,startingfromthefielduptothefinal productthroughthe concentrates,tailings,processproductsandprocessresidues,sludge’sand effluents.

Thedepartmentspecialistsinappliedmineralogy areattheforefrontoftechnology developmentinmineralcharacterizationandquantitativemineralogy.Weworkwithindustry to improveprocessefficiencies,tominimizeminerallosses,andtoensurestability ofmineralsand metalsinindustrialwaste.Ourteamhasaccesstoacomplete array ofmodernmineralogical instrumentationandchemicalfacilities. We usestate-of-the-arttechniquestoassistourclients, whetherduring minedevelopment,mineralprocessing,extractivemetallurgy,ortoensure environmental compliance.




Fieldcharacterizations ofores andmineral 

Identificationandquantificationofmineral species

  • Characterized the mineralogyof clayminerals Characterized the indicator minerals forgold.
    • Characterizedthemineralogyofgoldinanore,enablingtheoperatortoimprovegold recovery
  • Identified significant irn quantities in iron re, concentrate, and tailing
  • Characterized platinumgroupmineralgy.
  • Speciation and distribution ofheavymetals
  • Mineral associations andliberation parameters
  • Mineral balances
  • Prediction of optimal grade-recovery
    • Major, trace and rare earth elements
      • Organic carbonand sulfur

 Petrographical observations ofores andminerals

 Geochemical analyses ofores andminerals


 Characterization ofmiddle and final products of the different chemical and physicatreatments of ores andminerals


   EvaluationofBentoniteas Drilling Fluid

BasedonICMAand API Specifications (Plasticviscosity, Apparent viscosity,yield point,filterloss,…)


   Studies the Geological Formation Damaging during Drilling using water-base drillingfluids

Inhibition ofShallswellingduringdrill usinginorganic salts, polymers, nanoxides

Stop Fine Migration ofGeological Formation duringdrillingusingnanoxides

     Increase oil production during stop Geological Formation damaging during drilling processes usingwater-basedrillingfluids.


Studies thebenefities of silicates rocks as nutrients ofsoils


IncreasingCrops production through Soil SalinityhealingbySilicate-based rocks.




X-ray diffraction technique (XRD)


X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD) is an analytical technique to investigate qualitatively and semiquantitatively

the constituent compounds in a substance. It helps to understand and utilize the
fundamental relationship between structure and properties of materials. It can also provide
information which is either impractical or impossible to be obtained by many conventional
analytical techniques used in many industries.
X-ray diffraction (XRD) is used to identify minerals and materials by their atomic structure. A
wide variety of materials from pharmaceuticals to metallic powders can be analyzed and
identified by X-ray diffraction because crystallinity is the only prerequisite for analysis.