Dean Message

Advanced materials institute AMI at CMRDI promotes a strong portfolio translational research & innovative technologies in different sectors including energy, water, environment, food, information and electronics, health, industry and more. The mission of the institute synthesis of materials with controlled properties and microstructure for realistic applications for a better future based on Egypt vision 2030.  The spotlight of the institute that 11 from the research staff are selected in the Stanford list 2% of the scientist in the world representing 33 % of the staff power of the institute. Meanwhile, more than 50% in publication in international publication at CMRDI were given by AMI.  Furthermore, the staff at AMI awarded 32 prizes (state, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology ASRT, international, regional) as well as 13 CMRDI awards. Additionally, 4 staff of the institute are in the top 20 in Nanotechnology in Egypt based on ICESCO. Advanced Materials Institute respects collaboration locally and international in the field of materials science integrating academic, private, and government sectors in the conception and development of novel research programs for commercialization. Moreover, AMI supplies state of the art equipment facilities in the various departments at the institute for technical services of industry, universities and research institutes. Eventually, AMI is divided into five departments involving refractory and ceramics, composite materials, electronic and magnetic materials, nanotechnology materials and battery technology. More details about the mission, vision , activities of our departments as well as the main research areas of the research staff members are presented hoping such information are beneficial and highly impact for mutual partnerships and collaborations locally and internationally.