Dean Message

We are fully convinced that the industrially oriented scientific research is the primary choice of the Metals Technology Institute. We believe that scientific knowledge is not power in itself, but the application of knowledge is the real power, so we learn to act. In this context, the researchers at the Institute of Metals Technology are working to transform this conviction into a tangible reality.  This will reflect positively on their living standards in addition to the nominal goal of serving the national economy.

The Institute of Metals Technology aims to serve the community and the people involved in research, development and applications related to science and technology for the production of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and all processes associated with their formation and their surface treatment and protection. The vision of the Institute of Metallurgical Technology is summarized as follows:

  • Achieving integration and scientific cooperation between the departments of the Institute.
  • Focusing on increasing the Institute's contribution to the development of the industrial sector in Egypt, increasing exports, creating new opportunities, and participating in the development of the Egyptian economy.
  • Take advantage of the new scientific research law and work to direct the activities of the institute's departments so that they fall into the axis of scientific research development.
  • Focusing on developing the performance of all departments of the institute in order to increase integration with industry and meet the requirements of community development in Egypt.
  • Administrative, technical and human development of the semi-industrial units affiliated with the departments of the Institute and transforming them into integrated production systems and raising the competitive capabilities of their products in the market.
  • Making plans for the development of departments and work to activate these plans in cooperation with the center's management.

In order to achieve the goal of the Institute and put its vision into practice, the Institute undertakes to carry out the following tasks:

  • Conducting advanced scientific and applied research and transforming it into an added value for the Egyptian industries.
  • Qualifying distinguished researchers in the field of metals technology, and supporting researchers and specialists from all Egyptian universities and companies to take advantage of modern technologies and providing scientific, research and industrial services that support each field.
  • Benefiting from the scientific expertise and industrial equipment owned by the Institute to apply advanced technologies for surface treatments, metal forming, production and development of all types of steel alloys, production of non-ferrous alloys such as advanced magnesium alloys for medical uses.
  • Transfer of technology, training of engineers and technicians working in the metallurgical industries, and qualifying them to use modern technologies.
  • Organizing scientific meetings, workshops and conferences related to the support and dissemination of metallurgy technology.
  • International cooperation with all countries of the world to study and absorb the technology of modern metallurgical industries and transfer them to Egypt.