Central Metallurgical Research& Development Institute ( CMRDI ).


Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Ghayad

Acting President of Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute

H. E. Prof. Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, assigned Prof. Dr. Ibrahim M. Ghayad, Dean of the Metals Technology Institute, as acting President of the Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI). Prof. Ghayad joined CMRDI about 32 years ago as a research assistant after graduated from Cairo University with very good and honour degree in Chemistry. He worked at the Corrosion Control and Surface Protection Department. He ranked a full professor position in 2016, then he was appointed as acting Head of the Metals Technology Division, from 2019 to 2022. Then he was appointed as thr Dean of the Metals Technology Institute in 2022. During his scientific career, he visited many research institutes and universities worldwide such as Japan, USA, UK and Kwait. He published over 50 research papers in well recognized international journals. He supervised and refereed many masters and doctoral theses.  and also arbitrated Due to his excellent contribution to the filed of corrosion and surface protection, he has been listed in the "Who is Who" International Edition in 2011. He also has many contributions with the Egyptian industries through technical and scientific consultation and supporting specially in the field of corrosion assessment, analysis of corrosion failure and evaluation of corrosion  inhibitors for petroleum industry and electric  power plants.  Prof. Ghayad participated in many industrially oriented research projects funded by STDF and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology as a principal investigator or member of the research group. He also organized training courses for many industrial companies including governmental and private ones in the field of corrosion, metal coatings and cathodic protection. He also participated in many national and international conferences and workshops, and he organized several workshops to link scientific research with the Egyptian industries.

Central Metallurgical Research & Development Institute

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ghayad

Acting of President of CMRDI