Dr. Atef Youssef El-Kess Shenouda

      dr atef


Head of Chemical & Electro-Metallurgy laboratory

Chemical and Electrical Processing Metallurgy Department (Laboratory)

The mission and main research fields in the department are the chemical and electrical synthesis and production of compounds from their precursors, raw materials, ores, industrial wastes and electronic wastes.

The Fields Interest of Research:

  • Production of compounds from their ores and / or raw materials.
  • Preparation of phosphoric acid from phosphate ores.
  • Preparation of chemical salts from its primary and secondary resources in lab and large scale.   e.g, Copper salts, Silver salts, Magnesium slats, Zinc salts, Manganese salts,.. etc. 
  • Preparation of Activated Bentionite  for different applications.
  • Preparation of synthetic Zeolite from secondary resources.
  • Biological removal of heavy metals contaminating industrial wastewater.
  • Reductive leaching.
  • "Processing of industrial and electronic wastes for synthesis of solar cells compounds".
  • Recovery of metal values from spent catalysts.
  • Metal deposition on semiconductors.
  • Metal electrorefining in aqueous solutions.
  • Photovoltaic and photoelectrochemical cells of compounds in solar cells application.
  • Different types of storage energy such as lead acid, lithium and sodium batteries,..etc.
  • Recovery of some metals from industrial and electronic wastes.
  • Synthesis of compounds for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) applications.
  • Synthesis of compounds and catalysts for different fuel cells applications.
  • Electrodeposition of metals, alloy, metal oxide, compounds.
  • Direct and indirect electroleaching of minerals and ores.
  • Thin film electrodeposition using cyclic voltammetric, potentiostatic and galvanostatic techniques.
  • Photocatalytic degradation of pollutants from wastewater.
  • Membrane technology for heavy metals removal from wastewater.
  • Adsorption and removal of arsenic and heavy metals from wastewater.