Prof.Dr.Azza Mohamed Ahmed


 Head of Steel Technology department





 The department conducts researches to produce most types of steel and ferro-alloys and cooperate with most steel companies and iron alloys companies located in Egypt.

The department specializes in the study, design and manufacture of all types of steel and ferro-alloys used in the production of all kinds of steel and cast iron of all types.

Also, study, evaluate and develop the steel microstructure and heat treatment.



The mission of Steel and Ferroalloys Department is to enhance the competitiveness of the Egyptian steel and ferroalloys industries and the welfare of the society through technological development and technology transfer.


National and Regional Center of Excellency in steel and Ferroalloys related fields to solve the technical problems and enhance the economics of these industries



Carry out basic & applied researches and publications in the field of steels and ferroalloys