Prof. Dr. Yasser Momtaz Zaki Ahmed


Head of Electronic & Magnetic Materials Department

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The research on the electronic materials laboratory will be conducted to create advanced materials of electrical/electronic properties and optimize its characteristics for prospective realistic performance by developing materials processing which finely precisely controls the composition and microstructure of these materials. This will be fulfill through the R & D on synthesis of different types of materials for advanced application such as energy, microwave, optical, sensing, etc… In these concern, materials such as magnetic materials (soft and hard ferrites), materials for microwave applications, materials for energy storage, materials for electronic substrates, sensing materials, optical materials, and superconducting materials will be synthesized through wet and solid state processing routes in forms varied from nano-to-micrometer sizes with full characterization.



Own the technology for synthesis and characterization of various kinds of electronic and magnetic materials applied in various advanced fields. These technologies varying from wet and dry processing route for the production of these kinds of materials is our goal. In addition, we aimed to develop new materials that could apply in various advanced applications and possessing properties much more interesting than the prospective one.




Contribute effectively to develop our society for better future in the field of electronic and magnetic materials applied in various industrial fields.







Lab. Facilities



Tube furnace

Protherm Furnaces



Agilent 4395 A


Electrical Resistivity

Agilent, High resistance meter



JASCO V – 570/uv/Vis/Nir Spectrophotometer