The Nanostructured Metarials and Nanotechnology Department (NND) carries out basic and applied researches on nanostructured materials and nanotechnology. It was established in 2003 after reorganization of CMRDI divisions with an ultimate objective to carry out focused research on cutting edge areas in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Additionally, the NND is devoted to make use of the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for the welfare, growth and prosperity of the society. To achieve high performance in the new and advanced devices, controlling the nanostructures and shape of materials is essential. For this purpose, nanostructures of the synthesized materials and proposed devices are thoroughly investigated and evaluated using cutting-edge-instruments.

Research Areas

 Nanostructured materials with controlled size and shape.
 Transparent conducting metal oxides nanostructred materials.
 Band gap tuning in semiconductor nanostructured materials.
 Energy harvesting and storages based on nanostructured materials.
 Gas, humidity and biosensors based on nanostructured materials.
 Smart windows, photo- and electrochromism.
 Air, water and soil pollutants degradation through nanostructured materials for safe and healthy environment.
 Enhancement of antimicrobial and antiviral activities using nanostructured materials.
 Application of nanostructured materials in self-protection and cleaning of ancient Egyptian architectures and monuments.


• Research and Development for cost-effective and eco-friendly technologies for energy saving, storage, production and conversion.
• Research and Development technology for safe environment.
• Research and Development technology for highly selective and highly sensitive gas, bio and humidity sensors.
• Research and Development technology for lightweight and strong-based nanostructured materials.
• Research and Development technology for water desalination, treatment and purification using nanostructured materials.
• Application of nanostructured materials in many other vital fields such as agriculture, health, drug delivery and food industry.