Chemical and Electro Processing Department


- Encourage research, authorship and publishing at the department.
- Follow up the strategic plan of national and international development particularly in areas of the department research interests.
- Conduct research and studies that are aiming at achieving the goals of building a knowledge-based innovative scientific research.
- Encourage the department members and researchers conducting innovative scientific research.
- Develop cooperation with local and international centers of research.
- Place rules to promote conducting scientific research in our department.
- Encouraging rewards for distinguished research works.
- Recommend approval of the publication of research that deserves to be published after arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules and publishing at CMRDI.
- Propose establishing scientific associations and make coordination among them.
- Supervise the activities of scientific research and implement rules that govern it.
- Propose relevant planning methods with various research centers outside CMRDI and to cooperate with them.
- Provide a motivated and supportive research environment for the department researchers, and supervise the activities that encourage it.
- Encourage accomplishing research groups among the department with the participation of graduate and undergraduate students.