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  • Environmental Analysis and Dust Collection of Cupola Effluents, at Shoubra-El-Khema Foundry Complex.
  • Introduction of Ductile Iron Production Technology by Vortex Process, Joint Dutch (Egyptian) Project.
  • Use of Sponge Iron in Foundries, Joint Canadian-Egyptian Project.
  • Production of Quality Precision Castings, Joint USA-Egyptian Project.
  • Production of Ductile Iron Rolls Egyptian Copper Works (ECW) and El-Nasr Castings (ENC) Foundries.
  • Production of Double Poured Rolls at (Egyptalum) Foundries.
  • Evaluation and Development Prospects of the Foundry Industry in Egypt - A National Project - ASRT.
  • Activation of Egyptian Bentonites.
  • Evaluation of Sudanese Foundry Raw Materials.
  • Testing of Somalian Sands, Binders and Fluxes for Foundry Purposes - UNIDO Contract No. 75/34.
  • Production Technology of Aluminium Bronze Casting (EISCO).
  • Quality Control Systems at Delta Steel Mill and ENC Foundries.
  • Production of Ductile Iron Permanent Dies for Aluminium Casting (Egyptalum).
  • Analysis of Casting Defects at ENC-Foundries.
  • Production of Ductile Iron Spare Parts for Textile Machinery at Spinning and Weaving Mill (MSW) Co.
  • Structure and Machinability Control of Ni-hard for Roll Applications (Egyptalum).
  • Production of Al-Ti-C Grain Refiners for Aluminium (Egyptalum).
  • Production of Ultra-High-Strength Steels (Abou Zaabal Eng. Co.)
  • Quality Improvement of Steel Rolls at Egyptian Copper Works (ECW).
  • Production of Austempered Ductile Iron (ASRT + Helwan Iron Foundries).
  • Replacement of High Purity Pig Iron with Local Alternatives for the Production of Ductile Iron Castings (ASRT + Helwan Iron Foundries).
  • Production of Chilled Rolls for Flour Grinding Mills (ENC).
  • Production of Ductile Iron Castings in Permanent Molds (ENC).
  • Grain Refinement of High-Strength Aluminum Alloys (ASRT + Egyptalum).
  • Production of Ductile Iron Rolls at Greater Cairo Foundries (GCF).
  • Cleaner Production at Ten Egyptian Foundries (Federation of Egyptian Industries + DANIDA).
  • Production of special purpose cast iron, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology,.
  • Melting and casting Technology of Magnesium Aluminum alloy AZ62A, Helwan for Non Ferrous Industries.
  • Production of aluminum foams for automotive applications, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
  • Innovative technology for improving wear resistance and fracture toughness of austempered ductile iron used for automotive industry by using thermomechanical and two-step processes