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Home Latest Synthesis of TiC-based ceramic composite for cutting tools manufacturing
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A research team from CMRDI (Prof. Dr. Yasser M.Z. Ahmed and Ass. Prof. Dr. Zaki I. Zaki) and Prof. Dr. Rajendra Bordia at Washington University was successfully producing titanium carbide TiC composite in a high dense structure  using  self propagation high temperature synthesis (SHS) as new technology. This was carried out through US-Egypt collaborative project program which started in 2008 and finished in 2011. The proposed technology has the advantages of fabricating TiC in situ reaction which could control the microstructure of the produced object, whereas, the object could be sintered as a result of high temperature used during the reaction.  
Highly dense TiC ceramic matrix composite proved to be a good candidate in the structural application as a result of its excellent physical and mechanical properties. The produced TiC composite, compared with traditional high-speed steel and hard alloy cutting tools is of higher hardness and comparable fracture toughness. It has lower manufacturing costs as well as fast processing which makes the adapted techniquevital for producing such kinds of materials.