Metallurgical Processing laboratory

Prof. Dr. M.I.Nasr 

            Dr M I Nasr

Head of Pyro Metallurgical Processing laboratory

Our Mission:

Focuses on the science, technology, and industrial practices of pyrometallurgical extraction of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from their ores and secondary resources to produce value added products.

Our Vision:

Provide the latest knowledge to grow and ensure sustainable development of pyrometallurgical processing of minerals and secondary resources.


-          Extraction of ferrous and nonferrous metals from primary & secondary resources.

-          Preliminary treatment of mineral ores and secondary resources (dehydration, calcinations, and roasting).

-          Sulphation process using different sulphatizing agents.

-          Solid-state reduction using solid carbon and metals as reducing agents.

-          Gaseous reduction using different gases such as H2, CO, CH4

-          Development and transfer of blast furnace technologies.

-          Smelting process using electric furnaces (electric arc, Tamman & Plasma, ... etc. )

-          Chlorination techniques using different chlorinating agents.

-          Thermite process, combustion synthesis and mechanical alloying techniques.

-          Purification and refining of crude products.

-          Transfer and adaptation of Pyrometallurgy technology.