Ahmed Ismail ZakyFarahat


Dr.Ahmed Ismail


Head of Plastic Deformation Department

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Mobile : 002 01114623559, 00201091724069


The department is dealing mainly with the alloys development through the alloy design in combination with thermo-mechanical processing. Furthermore, the department uses cold deformation technique as an effective tool for hardening different alloys.

The department activities restrict with the policy; “Plastic Deformation is not only Dimensional Accuracy but also enhanced Mechanical properties”. This policy allows for processing value added products by controlling the processing parameters.

Wonderful tools belong to the department. The most advanced facility which is already in work now is the thermo-mechanical simulator (Gleeble 3500). It is a multi-purpose facility. A universal cupping testing machine has recently joined the plastic deformation department.

The department contains different capabilities of macro- and microscopes in addition to the metallographic preparation facilities.

Moreover, the plastic deformation department owns semi industrial facilities like; Two/four-high flat roll mill, Pneumatic hammer for free band/ controlled forging, many muffle heating furnaces and salt baths with different heating and spacing capacities are also available at the department.



is to recognize deeply the modern techniques for deformation tools such as Finite Elements, Severe Plastic Deformation and Thermomechanical Processing and introducing such tools to the Egyptian and Arabic societies.



is to look forward to modern journals of peer reviewed. Also our Mission is to attend and participate the national and international exhibitions and conferences to exchange the newly techniques for deformation. Introducing our Department to Egyptian Industry to solve their problem or to create new generations of alloys to fit market needs and fulfill its targets. Among the objectives of the department is to solve the breakdowns that occur in oil companies or in aircraft accidents and identify the causes.




Deformation Department are numerous. One of the targets is to produce special kinds of steel by thermomechanical processing such as Bainitic Steel (bullet proof) or TRIP Steel using Thermomechanical Processing. Another is to enhance the mechanical properties of Al-Si Alloy using the Friction Stir Processing. Another goal was achieved is producing nano-structured Al using the Accumulative Roll Bonding and annealing process.