El-Zahraa Mohamed Yehia Mohamed El-Baradie


Head of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Department 


Mob.; 0123980326


Specializing in advanced research and technology in the field of non- Ferrous alloys and new materials including magnesium and aluminum alloys. The department always has direct contact with nonferrous alloys industries to develop the products’ quality


 Contact non-ferrous alloys industries to raise the quality of products

 Conduct advanced research in the field of nonferrous alloys and new materials

The Masage

Preparation of a distinguished cadre in the field of non-ferrous alloys, with the contribution of the Center in sending these cadres to the training courses and scholarships in their field of specialization .

Contribute or participate in national projects that serve local industries and raise their  efficiency

Open new fields Examples (magnesium alloys and sponges for the automotive and medical industries - super-plastic alloys - aluminum alloys - copper alloys) 

Transfer of advanced technology to the Egyptian industries Example (copper alloy AMPCO18) 


General goals

The formation of research cadres in the field of non-ferrous alloys 

Processing the plant equipment and machines necessary to achieve the message of the plant 

Participation in local and international conferences to raise the efficiency of members of the research body 

Contact the industries and create new areas of cooperation

Specific objectives

Appointing a number of research assistants, specialists and technicians to complete the staff of the laboratory 

Processing the laboratory equipment and equipment necessary to achieve the objectives of the laboratory examples of modern and sophisticated melting furnaces and measuring aids 

Enter into some industrial projects and international conventions 

Request to provide training and educational missions in the field of the activity of the plant 

Scientific supervision of the scientific messages and projects for the students of the Faculty of Engineering and the selection of research points aimed at the local industry 

Conduct training courses for engineers in companies and factories to raise their efficiency both in the center and in the production sites 

Field visits to industrial assembly areas



Producing aluminum alloy and special magnesium alloys for air craft and automotive industries 

Production of magnesium alloys for biomedical applications 

Production of sponges alloys for industrial applications in the automotive industry and medical fields  

Transfer of modern industrial technologies such as copper alloy (AMPCO18) and introduction to the Egyptian industry to safe Dollars currency