Prof.Dr.Omayma Abd El-Gawad Elkady


Head of powder-metallurgy Department

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Tel : 01062331896




To help Egyptian industry with expertise, available equipment, services, and consultation in the field of powder technology “which the industry strongly lacks”.


To become the hub, core and engine for powder technology manufacturing in the Egyptian industry.


-   To increase awareness of the needs to have powder technology manufacturing within the industry through participation in       conferences, workshops and exhibitions.

-    To target business start-ups in the field of powder technology in the most essential specialties.

-   To facilitate technology transfer and reduce the need for Egyptian companies to buy technology packages.

-   To provide the industry with needed machine parts of special characteristics, which reduces the need for foreign currency drain.

-   To provide alternatives for powder sources, which are not available in the Egyptian market by using the huge amounts of chips, by-products, broken and worn parts and transforming them into powders by recycling.