Prof.Dr. Khaled M.I. Abouelela

Khaled Abouelela


Head of Casting Technology Department

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Mobil:    01015036038


Casting Technology Department offers services to foundryshops covering upgrading the technical capabilities of the foundry men through applying training courses in different fields. These training courses include technology of ferrous and non-ferrous casting to cover all sectors in Egypt and middle-east as well. One of the main targets of the foundry pilot plant is to produce special spare parts that cannot be easily produced locally or to limit the imported spare parts from abroad. Casting Technology Department is dealing now with other strategically alloys, such as Ni-base super alloys, Mg-alloys, Ti-alloys, ..etc.

Casting Technology Department has also largely benefited from cooperation with international agencies such as TNO (Netherlands), JICA (Japan) and SIDA (Sweden). Thanks to this support, Casting Technology Department was able to play an effective role in transferring many technologies to the Egyptian industries as well as other African and Middle-East countries

The vision of Casting Technology Department is to keep the leadership in Egypt, Africa and Middle East as well, and be always up-to date in the field of casting technology to enable the Egyptian industries to compete at an international level.

The mission of the Casting Technology Department of CMRDI is to enhance the competitiveness of the Egyptian foundryshops and the welfare of the society through technological development and technology transfer.

The objectives of the Casting Technology Department are to upgrade the technical capabilities for the development, the design and the manufacturing of new value-added products.