Prof.Dr.Khaled Abdelghany


Head of Advanced Manufacutring Division

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The Division of Advanced Manufacturing

In a General statement, the Division of Advanced Manufacturing in CMRDI is specialized in the various industrial processes related to transferring raw materials, produced, evaluated and characterized by the other CMRDI divisions, to semi-finished or fully finished end-user products. Under the umbrella of the division, there are four dedicated research department; the Metal Casting Department, The Metal Joining and Welding and NDT Department, The Laser and Digital Manufacturing Department and The Powder Technology Department. Each department has workshops and pilot (small scale) factory that include state of art industrial equipment and tools which support its scope of activities.


The Division of Advanced Manufacturing always has the mission to act as an incubator for all the known industrial and materials processing technologies and make them ready for transfer to the Egyptian industrial sectors. Every year, state of art tools and equipment are added and new research staff are being dispatched for education at esteemed universities all over the world and get back carrying advanced technologies and know-how’s.


Always to be up to date industrial research and service provider and support all the technical inquiries from Egypt, Middle East and North Africa.

 objectives :

  • To introduce the advanced manufacturing and materials processing technologies to Egyptian factories,
  • To transfer the advanced industrial technologies and know-how’s from developed countries like USA, Europe, Japan, Etc to Egypt,
  • To support developing the Egyptian economy through upgrading the Egyptian industrial sectors and develop new products and factories,
  • To substitute the industrial imported products and support the local production of high-quality local products instead of the imported products,
  • To provide industrial training for young generations and support the generation of new job opportunities based on the advanced manufacturing careers,
  • To establish strong academic and research collaboration links with the universities and industrial research institutes all over the world,
  • Others,