Prof. Dr. Emad Ewais


Head of Refractory&Ceramic Materials Department

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Tel: 01002395435



To be a leading department with significant international impact and strong local commitment


RCMD mission is committed to providinga well-rounded research and development in refractories and ceramics to meet the needs of industry, academia and government; to conduct research at the frontier of the field; to improve the competitiveness of the clients by improving their materials, process and products, and to provide an integrating and leadership role to the broad multi-disciplinary materials community. It also will train the future industrial and academic leaders in ceramics and refractories by providing a comprehensive, forward-looking and broad-based curriculum, which emphasizes fundamental principles, practical applications, oral and written communication skills, and professional practice and ethics. This mission can be summarized into general goals as follows:-

  1. Research and development of refractories and ceramics
  2. Improvement of the performance of department staff in this field
  3. Preparation of industrial courses to offer them for producers and users of refractories and ceramics
  4. Establishment of refractory and ceramic data base
  5. Improvement of the competitiveness of the clients
  6. Holding of workshops for the clients of this field
  7. Establishment of Egyptian ceramic society
  8. Contribution in refractories and ceramics standards
  9. Offering of services and consultations in refractory and ceramic fields

Within the scope of RCMD mission, the objectives of refractories and ceramics are to cover materials and Process Technologies; Materials and Product Characterization and Testing; Manufacturing, Processing and Product Optimization; Optimization of Product Performance and Usage; and Environmental Aspects of Materials, Processes and Products.